Dolla Financial and RTA Biz partner on energy financing

Dolla Financial and RTA Biz partner on energy financing

Local firm RTA Biz Energy Solutions has partnered with Dolla Financial Services to provide its clients with access to financing for its alternative energy solutions.

Through the “Dolla Green Energy Loan”, Jamaicans can access up to 80 percent financing from Dolla Financial for products such as solar panels, solar water heaters and generators supplied and installed by RTA Biz Energy. 

RTA Biz clients will benefit from 24-hour approval, reduced processing fees and receive up to 30 months to repay the loan through monthly installments based on a tailored financial solution.

Ryan Anderson, RTA CEO, expressed delight at the agreement, noting that the partnership between Dolla Financial will enable Jamaicans across the island to access more sustainable energy sources.

“Our goals have always been to not only provide a cleaner lifestyle, but to reach a wider cross-section of people who want to gain access to green energy”, Anderson commented

 “Thanks to Dolla Financial, Jamaicans will have easy access to funding, a hassle-free application process, and flexible payment options for their alternative energy solution from RTA Biz Energy,” Anderson said.

RTA Biz and Dolla Financial signed the partnership agreement on Tuesday, June 21. 

Dolla Financial will utilize its existing channels and refer qualifying clients to RTA Biz Energy for an assessment of their alternative energy needs.

RTA Biz Energy offers a wide range of alternative energy products, including LED lighting, solar panels, solar water heaters, solar water pump and solar-powered hybrid lithium ion batteries. It also serves clients with energy audits, working alongside clients to adjust strategies to meet changing needs. 

Anderson outlined that whilst paying their part to create a sustainable and greener planet for themselves and their children, RTA Biz clients will reap significant savings on investment from alternative energy with the Dolla Green Energy Loan.

“The return on investment on solar panels directly competes with the rise in the cost of oil across the globe,” he noted.

Dolla Financial’s chief operating officer Kenroy Kerr concurred with RTA Biz, noting both companies have brought a product to the market that will help both individuals and businesses economically.

“As we know, the initial cost of these energy products can be prohibitive for many. Therefore, Dolla’s role in the partnership will be to provide the much-needed financing to interested customers,” he said.

 Kerr added: “We are proud for Dolla to play its part as a socially responsible company in increasing the availability of more sustainable energy solutions in Jamaica.”

He added that the collaboration will result in the mutual growth of both RTA Biz and Dolla and that the group is looking forward to working closely with RTA Biz to build a better, environmentally sustainable Jamaica for all.

Dolla Financial last week listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) raising over $4.7 billion, the largest amount raised on the junior stock market.